My cookies turned out flat.

That can happen sometimes but don’t worry, they still taste great! Here are two pro tips: The bigger you make the cookies, the thinker they normally turn out. You can also rotate them mid baking if you have an older oven to make sure they are getting cooked properly.

Why is your dough darker than most?

It is because of the Maple Tree Cellulose; Tree bake is naturally dark and so it makes sense that our cookie dough looks a little darker as well. It’s a good thing because it means it is natural.

How do you get it to taste and rise like that without eggs?

Well, It’s mostly a secret but one ingredient we are very proud of it our Maple Tree Bark Extractive. This is literally just cellulose extracted form tree bark with high pressure water and it helps to bind the cookie together during the baking process.

Can I Bake The Perfect Dough?

Absolutely, what would Cookie dough be if you couldn’t bake it into cookies? 🙂

Why does it last so long if there is nothing bad in it to preserve it?

Because butter is the only thing that is not shelf stable and butter naturally lasts 9 months in the fridge. We always play it safe though, and have set our shelf life to 4 months This Makes sure it is always the freshest possible for you.

Can I freeze the Dough?

Yes! Our packaging is freezer safe and your dough will last for a year frozen.

How long does it last in the fridge?

In the Fridge it’ll last 4 months.

How long will it last outside the fridge?

Our dough lasts outside the fridge if the temperature is under 74 degrees for 2 weeks.

My Loaded Peanut Butter arrived warm.

It’s okay! We use all-natural peanut butter so sometimes the oils separate in transit and seep into the compostable paper pint. This is not a problem at all and will not affect the contents.

My Package arrived warm!

That is perfectly fine! Our dough is fine left out of the fridge for 2 weeks but during the summer and pending location, we tend to use Ice Packs to insure the best experience. 🙂