My cookies turned out flat.

That can happen sometimes but don’t worry, they still taste great! Here are two pro tips: The bigger you make the cookies, the thinker they normally turn out. You can also rotate them mid baking if you have an older oven to make sure they are getting cooked properly.

Why is your dough darker than most?

It is because of the Maple Tree Cellulose; Tree bake is naturally dark and so it makes sense that our cookie dough looks a little darker as well. It’s a good thing because it means it is natural.

How do you get it to taste and rise like that without eggs?

Well, It’s mostly a secret but one ingredient we are very proud of it our Maple Tree Bark Extractive. This is literally just cellulose extracted form tree bark with high pressure water and it helps to bind the cookie together during the baking process.

Can I Bake The Perfect Dough?

Absolutely, what would Cookie dough be if you couldn’t bake it into cookies? 🙂